Senator Mitch McConnell Set to Vote Against Impeachment While His Third Chin Is Not So Sure

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell has made it clear he believes impeachment attempts by Democrats against President Donald Trump is a “sham” and he’s voting against it.

But when asked, McConnell’s third chin says it “isn’t so sure.” It then gobbled.

Will Senator McConnell give in to his third chin?  We shall see.

Nancy Pelosi Unveils Port-O-Confessional

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi recently snapped at a reporter when asked if she hates President Trump.  Pelosi said she takes her Catholic faith serious and hates no one.

She then unveiled the key to her success in being the perfect Catholic: Port-O-Confessional.

“This is perfect for any Catholic in my line of work, or any line of work, that requires lying, cheating, spying and the occasional homicide.”

Her “subordinates” say she’s in there at least five times a day, but it’s unclear if she’s in there to confess or simply relieve herself as the Port-O-Confess has a convenient multi-use.


Kicking off the new decade were the 2020 Golden Globes.  As time moves on, each Hollywood awards show becomes more and more about pushing agendas rather than celebrating talent, people and hard work.  The Golden Globes would prove to be more of the same, but then there was Ricky Gervais.  Never one to shy away from being politically incorrect and unafraid of offending groups, he let the jokes fly!